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Sexuality, Racial Terrorism and the Presidential Election

  Embed from Getty Images To understand the rallying potency of Trump’s behavior and the hatred unleashed against Clinton, consider the role of sexuality in the racial terrorism committed against Black people in the United States. In this presidential election, Hillary Clinton is particularly despised amongst white, non-college-educated men. This is the demographic that forms the […]

Racial Literacy Consultation Group

Racial Literacy Consultation Groups: Professional Development for Mental Health Professionals The next group will begin on Friday January 12, 2018 and will meet bi-weekly for six sessions. The Racial Literacy Consultation Group aims to strengthen mental health professional’s capacity to understand and respond to racial dynamics that occur in clients’ lives and are re-enacted in other environments. Internalized […]

Group Psychotherapy Enhances Personal and Intimate Relationships

After treating Alice individually for a number of months, I said, “Alice, I’m inviting you to join my psychotherapy group. It would offer new ways to learn about your self. ” “I’m intrigued, Christine. How is it different from they way I’m working with you now?” “Well,” I continued, “first off, let’s consider that we’re […]

Healthful Eating

Recently, Susan* came to me for therapy because she was desperate to lose weight. Accomplished in many areas of her life, she was ashamed of her inability to manage her weight and had been plagued for years by yo-yoing hundred pound gains and losses. She had participated in many weight loss programs and felt like […]

Psychotherapy, Racism, and Whiteness

Racism: the Legacy of Slavery I wanted to learn about the beginning of racism in this country. In August I visited the Whitney Plantation Slavery Museum near Wallace, Louisiana. It resides on the banks of the Mississippi River, nestled between active sugar plantations. The heat and humidity index was 105 degrees in the shade. I […]

Unhealthy Habit

I know about breaking an unhealthy habit. As a young adult I was a cigarette smoker. Most of my friends smoked. It wasn’t until I began preparing for a three-month bicycle trek that I considered that smoking might impede my pedaling stamina. I was highly motivated to quit smoking and, chewed on licorice sticks for […]

Talking to your 4 year old about racism


with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Race prejudice, a psychological experience, diminished but racism thrived in the structures and institutions of society.

The evidence for its existence are the racially
dichotomous systems of education – including funding formulas and tracking systems,
criminal justice that disproportionately targets and punishes black men,