Restoring Parents’ Confidence

The exhausted parent


Exhausted parent

Parents’ confidence can be fragile. Terrance demands macaroni and cheese every night, so Beth prepares two separate meals for the family. At bedtime Terrance commands Ronald to read five bedtime stories and then instructs him to say goodnight to each of his stuffed animals. The ritual takes 90 minutes and Terrance screams if Ronald doesn’t comply. Ronald and Beth haven’t enjoyed uninterrupted sleep for years because Terrance insists on sleeping with them when he awakens in the middle of every night.

The overwhelmed parent

Kenny orders Maritza to do laundry daily so that he can wear the same pair of clean black pants to school. He orders her to buy a chocolate croissant on the way to school every morning; otherwise he declares he’ll stay home. Maritza moans that she feels like a weekend prisoner in her home because Kenny refuses to get dressed all day. Read more