Sexuality, Racial Terrorism and the Presidential Election


To understand the rallying potency of Trump’s behavior and the hatred unleashed against Clinton, consider the role of sexuality in the racial terrorism committed against Black people in the United States.

In this presidential election, Hillary Clinton is particularly despised amongst white, non-college-educated men. This is the demographic that forms the base of Trump supporters. What fears and anxieties does her campaign stir up? Read more

Racial Literacy

Racial Literacy Consultation Group

Racial Literacy Consultation Groups: Professional Development for Mental Health Professionals
The next group will begin on Friday January 12, 2018 and will meet bi-weekly for six sessions.

Racial Literacy

Racial Literacy

The Racial Literacy Consultation Group aims to strengthen mental health professional’s capacity to understand and respond to racial dynamics that occur in clients’ lives and are re-enacted in other environments. Internalized racial oppression, racialized sexual fantasies, racial identity concerns, colorism, privilege and disempowerment impact interpersonal connections. Being able to honestly examine race-related issues enhances personal and professional self-confidence. Read more

Can You Hear Me?

“We love each other but we’re always bickering. I can’t stand it.”

“He doesn’t hear a word I say!”

“We have a huge communication problem: I have to yell in order for her to hear me.”

“I tell him what I need and he just goes ahead and does what he wants, as if I haven’t said anything at all.”

Breaking or Making the Relationship

Are any of these words familiar? Whether at work or at home, communication problems can damage relationships. Destructive patterns of speaking and behaving undermine love and trust, interfere with sound decision-making, and breed unhealthy conflict. Strong communication skills, on the other hand, enable people to hear each other, support healthy decision-making and help manage and resolve conflicts in both personal and professional relationships. Read more