Racial Literacy

Racial Literacy Consultation Group

Racial Literacy Consultation Groups: Professional Development for Mental Health Professionals
The next group will begin on Friday January 12, 2018 and will meet bi-weekly for six sessions.

Racial Literacy

Racial Literacy

The Racial Literacy Consultation Group aims to strengthen mental health professional’s capacity to understand and respond to racial dynamics that occur in clients’ lives and are re-enacted in other environments. Internalized racial oppression, racialized sexual fantasies, racial identity concerns, colorism, privilege and disempowerment impact interpersonal connections. Being able to honestly examine race-related issues enhances personal and professional self-confidence. Read more

Psychotherapy, Racism, and Whiteness

Racism: the Legacy of Slavery

I wanted to learn about the beginning of racism in this country. In August I visited the Whitney Plantation Slavery Museum near Wallace, Louisiana. It resides on the banks of the Mississippi River, nestled between active sugar plantations. The heat and humidity index was 105 degrees in the shade. I went because I wanted to understand the legacy of slavery and ponder what that means to be a white person in a healing profession.

Sugar cauldrons

Sugar Cauldrons

Reading the names of Louisiana’s 107,000 enslaved Africans and their countries of origin on the memorial Wall of Honor allowed me to imagine real people from real places with their own languages, families, culture, and history. I read: “Agata, gender: female. Birthplace: Congo. Baba, gender: male. Birthplace: Bamana. Cocoro, gender: male. Birthplace: Guinea/Guinea Coast. Pirance, gender: female. Birthplace: Wolof. Read more