unhealthy behavior

Unhealthy Habit

I know about breaking an unhealthy habit. As a young adult I was a cigarette smoker. Most of my friends smoked. It wasn’t until I began preparing for a three-month bicycle trek that I considered that smoking might impede my pedaling stamina. I was highly motivated to quit smoking and, chewed on licorice sticks for several weeks to replace my desire for cigarettes. Once on the road, I was gratified by the freedom of deep breathing. After the trip I quickly fell back into the old comforting habit of a cigarette with morning coffee and smoking breaks with friends. I was also disgusted with myself for not resisting the smoking habit. I tried to figure out what got in the way: I had to acknowledge that I enjoyed the feeling of inhaling smoke even though the stale aftertaste disgusted me; I had to admit my attraction to social conformity – I liked to engage in a behavior with friends even though I knew that it was unhealthy for all of us. Read more